This book brings together diverse legal opinions related to the definition of piracy, the interaction between domestic and international law and the allocation of responsibility between the European Union and Member States with particular regard to cases of piracy. The main aim of the volume is to analyse State’s practice with respect to prevention and persecution of piracy, while demonstrating that the existing international legal framework does not contemplate adequate instruments to ensure security at sea and, in particular, to prevent and pursue maritime piracy and other risks to navigation. As a consequence, the increased threat to navigation by pirates had led to extensive use of guards and a marked expansion in the number of firms offering armed maritime security services for ships transiting seas at high risk. This volume is addressed to legal advisers, academics, experts, decision-makers and other stakeholders to offer a wide-ranging analysis of the existing legal instruments – including international and national law and recent State practice – aimed at preventing and prosecuting piracy and other risks to navigation