The Naples Zoological Station was created as a German institution on Italian soil. From the beginning, however, it was a place where scientists from all over the world pursued their research and exchanged ideas. In his efforts to found the laboratory Anton Dohrn received the enthusiastic endorsement of Charles Darwin in England and Ernst von Baer in Russia. Russia sponsored a large number of investigators in spite of the distance and the expense, the total comes to 161, and many of them spent long periods of time at the Station. The intention of this book is to gather their biographical stories, as starting point for further researches.

(from the Preface)

With contributions from
Irina Yu. Aristova, Valentina A. Bubireva, Sergei I. Fokin, Michael T. Ghiselin, Yury P. Golikov, Christiane Groeben, Massimiliano Maja,  Nadezhda V. Slepkova, Alexey V. Smirnov